USMC to join Desert Storm

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Well hello there for another update of your favorite gulf war mod. First off, we are sorry for the small delay, but last week, we had too much going on in our heads so we were not able to post an update. But this week we are! Let’s talk about some serious war machines for a moment, because the first things we would like to show you are two variants of the beloved LAV used by the USMC. Damn right soldiers, its the marines rollin in!

We thought it would be cool to get some of the old vehicles ingame we had lying around for about five years now. We now imported the LAV-AT and LAV-AD. The LAV-AT is the anti-tank version, equipped with a double trouble TOW launcher on top to knock off those annoying enemies. But what do you do when the enemy has some helicopters airborne? Right, get the LAV-AD and blow them out of your airspace! But hey, let the pictures speak. Note: The two babies’ shadow map is yet to be rendered, so they still look a little bright.

lavat lavad

Oh look, a new battlefield! Prepare for some epic tank battles on our brand new map Medina Ridge. This one was made by Sgt_Boomer, who currently is working on our handweapon balancing which needed a major overhaul. Back to Medina Ridge, though. On this large scale and open map, you can choose from a huge variety of vehicles, it includes almost all of our land vehicles, plus one helicopter per side. Again, pictures will tell you the rest. Let the battle begin!

medina_01 medina_02

medina_03 medina_04

medina_05 medina_06

That’s it for this weeks’ update, stay tuned for the next one which might bring some more firepower. See you soon!

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