USI Update 30/11/08

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Yep, your eyes are right. It’s been a while since the last update but finally we have some news for our fans out there. We have been working on an update for some time now. Due to the fact that most of the active team members have quit modding for Battlefield 2, the core of active developers is very small. After a motivation boost, we are now finalizing testing for the new build. See below for a complete changelog:

- Increased reloading time on all air vehicles counter measures
– Fixed a rotation problem with the driver camera on the HMMWV TOW
– Reduced splash radius of TOW and Milan rockets
– Increased range finding of the MRLS to display vehicles that are further away
– Adjusted mobile physics for the HMMWV open, support, and M2
– Enhanced physics of all HMMWV series and added new engine sounds
– Both teams support/supply vehicles now drop supply crates (right click/altfire to deploy)
– Added radar ability (75 meters) to MH6 and MD500
– Added radar ability (100 meters) to Gaskin, Avenger, Vulcan, and Shilka
– Added radar ability (150 meters) to all stationary aa defense equipment
– 50 cal on m125 switched out for the usi version
– Removed second seat from the m163
– Tweaked AI (spinning with various weapons)
– tweaked the a10 cannons’ tracers
– removed second engine sound from the bombers
– changed vehicle layout on most maps so it makes more sense
– removed all bf2 maps
– increased cobra chain gun ROF to match vBF2 one
– removed laser target designator from all spec ops kits
– fixed alpha channel of heavy tank minimap icon
– removed auto-lock of hellfire rockets, now just fire and aim on the target
– updated various weapon sounds (cleaner)

One of the most important fixes is the AI problems, this means the friends of the Singleplayer/Coop modes will have a better time playing with those little bots. Another concern was the overpowered AH-64A Apache helicopter, which was constantly clearing the map of enemy vehicles so players got annoyed and left the server. This has been changed, the Hellfire missiles now act the same way the AT2 rockets on the Hind do. The bad news that goes with it: It will be another full installer with approximately 1.2GB for the core and another 700MB for the levels.

Now to the new stuff: EoD2 Dev and USI Lead Mapper Junglist recently has posted some work in progress images of a new map he is working on for USI, means we will get an additional map. The name of this beautiful piece of work is “Silent City”. Let the images speak for themselves:

Last but not least, we would like to introduce a new vehicle which will be ingame soon: The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Recon and Attack Helicopter. With its mast-mounted sight, it was developed for recon missions to help the other troops to get a better view of foreign battlefields. The model was done by Meerchi and wolfi is working on the texture for it. Although the skin is still not 100% done, we would like to give you a first look on this baby. Ingame role and details will be published once it has been implemented, which should happen soon. Unlike the new map, the OH-58D will not be part of the upcoming .18 release.

Alright thats it for today. Watch out for further updates!

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