USI Update 5/17/09

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Hey there. Yep, it’s been a while and we are very sorry for the long dry period without updates. But we have news, and we are happy to share them! The upcoming Patch 1.5 for Battlefield 2 has revived the motivation in our modders’ hearts so we decided it would be a good idea to finish this baby up. By finishing up, we mean, getting rid off the bad bugs that were in the previous 0.17 release. So what’s the news, you might ask? Well, here we go:

First of all, our mapping guru [EoD] Junglist was able to finish up his map, so expect Silent City to be part of the next release. We also added a few new statics to it, so it’s not just all BF2. Even though we would like to add more custom statics, the fact that our modeling department is very weak nowadays won’t allow us to add that much new stuff. Another good news from the mapping department is that we have finally been able to fix the bugs that caused Road of Destruction to crash randomly while playing singleplayer and coop game modes. Thanks to the guys over at BFSP for helping us fixing this issue.

We have made a bunch of changes so far, which include but are not limited to: New kit layout, updated HUD graphics, three new weapons, as well as some improvements to infantry movement. The new changes go along with a pretty long list of bugfixes, and we are still working on even more fixes and ideas, so watch out for new updates here! Unfortunately, we have no idea if the announced OH-58D Kiowa Helicopter will make it into the release, since until now, we were not able to create a cockpit texture that matches the quality our mod is known for. Currently it’s just three developers that are working on the mod, so if you have any modding skills and would like to improve USI, apply for a position! If you would like to see additional fixes/features but you don’t have the modding skills it takes to join us, you can still help us by posting suggestions!

Last but not least, we want to share pictures of the three new weapons directly from the game. The first one is the M60, which will replace the M249 SAW, as we felt the M249 is way too new for 1991. Second and third weapons are the M14 and SKS Simonov, which are now the main weapons of the US and Iraqi engineers, respectively. M11-87 and Saiga shotguns have been moved to slot 2.

m60-ingame m14-ingame sks-ingame

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