Happy Christmas!

December 24th, 2007 | | Permalink

Hello all, we are back with a nice update. With the team winding down for the holidays, work has not stopped. Today we bring renders of 4 new items currently ingame getting their final tweaks.

First, we have the AGM 109c,

MRASM (Medium-Range Air-to-Surface Missile): AGM-109C:


Modeled and skinned by Petemonster, Coded by Guedoe, we will adding them to the B-52’s wings.

Next we have the M-125

M125 Self-propelled 81mm Mortar:


Modeled and skinned by Petemonster, Coded by Gunnie(EoD), we’ve added a camera to the mortar, these should be fun!

Also we have M163

M163 VADS Vulcan Air Defense System:


We are happy to bring such needed equipment into the field to provide air coverage and balance things out.

And finally the Shilka

ZSU-23-4 Shilka 23MM Antiaircraft Gun:


To even out the odds, we brought this baby ingame to give Iraq a chance in ground survival.

We hope to have another build ready soon with the last 3 items on the field, to keep players playing a good mod. Lats but not least, we would like to wish all a merry christmas and a happy new year, hope the best for everyone in the coming year!

Till next time…

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