“Basrah Is Back”

February 12th, 2012 | | Permalink

That’s right, once known as Basrah Streets in previous releases is back.  This map, now named Fall of Basrah, brings back close combat to US Intervention.  First initial makeover was made by EoD’s Junglist and finished up by Guedoe.  Combat is now tighter then before, along with a new look and and many effects.  This map will be in the next release including SP and Co Op modes.  We will let the images speak for themselves.


Next we have information about the next release.  US Intervention 2.2 is ready for uploading and should be available via the USI Launcher once we pack it up.  A new launcher will be released before the build is ready.  All previous versions will need to be uninstalled or deleted.  Version 2.2 will be a full build with a restructured file system to make patching from here out easier and smaller.  A change log will be available soon.  Hope to see you all in the battlefield!



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