Orders from Command

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We decided to send out another general update to keep everyone informed as we inch closer to release.  First off ModDb is holding their Mod of the Year award again.

Mod of the Year Awards

Although we have already released and soon will have another release, the dev team would love to know just how many out there will enjoy USI so go and cast your votes.

As we have mentioned before, the Frag Fest event planning is underway.  Like in the past, the dev team holds a closed beta named Frag Fest where other dev teams and news admins are invited to test and play.  We have 60 slots open that we wish to fill in order to truly test this build. The Frag Fest version will have only maps we have not released yet (9 to 10 maps). As of now the event will be on Saturday, December 17th from 8pm to 12am Est (GMT -5). This time was chosen in case players from the US and UK can join if needed. We have two weeks to fill the server. After week one if the server is not filled, we will invite Clans to play. The build should be available in the AM of the 16th or sooner.

Last but not least we have completed our vehicle content page as well as updated the levels page, and here are some more images to feast on, lol.

Hope everyone enjoyed this update as we will have more soon…


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New Look!

November 19th, 2011 | | Permalink

Well as the final touch up are being made to USI, we decided to try and at least give the menu a new look since we were using the basic BF2 layout.  The layout remains the same however we did manage to change up on the colors.

The new menu files were included in the latest test build (2.0d) for bug search along with some map fixes and tweaks.  There has been a discussion started on the subject of a closed beta to pack a few servers and stress test the build before release.  If all goes well we will have another Frag Fest to test the closed beta.  We welcome all developers for all BF2 mods as well as the admin from various fan sites to join us for this event. More Info soon

Meanwhile here are some random screenshots from a few testers…

Desert Sabre:

Medina Ridge:

Weapon Compound:

More to come soon as we wind down to release.  Feel free to follow BSS on Facebook and Twitter!


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