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Going one 4 weeks since USI 2.0 and work still continues to bring the best to the best.  Now we now have more for all you die hard USI fans.  This new idea took shape and was constructed by Neo82 who was recently brought aboard the Dev team.

Introducing the first ever US Intervention Launcher.  This program is designed to help players keep their files updated.  If there is a patch, it will let you know.  Simply hit update and let the download begin.  When that is done the downloaded installer will start and you take it from there.  Then you can launch the game from there with optional settings like windowed mode and or screen resolutions.  The exe file will place the launcher in your USI folder and make a shortcut for you.  You must have USI 2.0g and patch installed in order to get the 2.1 patch that is ready via the launcher.

Links (3.24MB):  ModDb / GameFront / FilePlanet

As mentioned above, we have a new patch.  We got rid of the letters seen as revisions and called this one 2.1.  The mods folder name will remain the same until the new full build comes out.  At 265 MB, this download can be retrieved and installed using the new USI Launcher, but you must have USI 2.0g Core and Levels plus the fix in order to be patched correctly to 2.1.  The next full build will contain a new file structure with the zip files so we can update on the fly with smaller exe files.  This will keep our players updated and playing in the sand.

US Intervention 2.0g to 2.1 Changelog

Menu / Hud:

  1. Added missile arm and disarm images to fill the white boxes on all fighter jets.
  2. Tweaked the Apache co pilot hud for better tracking.
  3. Fixed the 2 co pilot huds for the B-52


  1. Added weight to the B-52.
  2. Fixed the M125 Mortar position.


  1. Added the M125 to Weapon Compound
  2. Fixed stationary AT placement on Operation Market Square (players could not use)
  3. Adjusted the M134 stationary on the carrier for Insurgency. (players could not exit)
  4. Removed unusable stationary Mortar from Battle of Al Busayyah
  5. Fixed misplaced collisions on all bunkers in Kashan Desert, also added to more bunkers on the Iraqi base

USI 2.1 server patch

Can you survive the desert heat?


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