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US Intervention 2.0 is here!

Well here it is! US Intervention and Black Sand Studio presents USI 2.0.  After 4 years from our last release and after 6 years total in production so far, we give you a nice new build with more levels and loads more toys to play with. Be sure to report any bugs found so we can continue to tweak the game until its right for everyone.  We have no change log yet and we still need to put up a vehicle instruction post showing you the buttons and functions of certain items we may need to explain.  We wish to thank all other BSS mods for all the support and help given from time to time.  Thanks also go out to those who contributed from outside of BSS.  You can visit our download page or visit us on ModDb for the files.  If there is anyone interested in providing mirrors, please pm Guedoe with the mirror address so we can update our dl page.

USI 2.0 Core
USI 2.0 Levels
USI 2.0 Server

A lot of work has been put into this build as so much has changed since our last release in 2008 with 1.7(.17). We hope everyone loves playing in the sand again. Some of the Devs will be joining servers here and there to chat with players and get feedback. So if you see one on your server, show them how pretty your knife is! Now report for duty soldier, there is a war to win!

Here is some screen shot of some of our maps.

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